| About Aston
ASTON is one of the earliest factories in the region to develop and produce sanitary and bathroom equipment. Our production facility has some of the most advanced equipment and technology and is supported by a highly qualified team of designers ,professional engineers and technicians.

We are operating our factory to the ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance System, which covers all aspects and procedures of manufacturing, sales and service thus ensuring outsanding product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our sales network spreads all over th world.Our enterprise continues to expand and improve upon our range of products & features and our satisfied customer base. We achieve this through strict adherence to our values: set the highest managment standards,ensure top quality products,manufacture with pride and care,and make every effort to satisfy our customers' needs.

Our aim is to continually improvement of our customer relations at home and abroad, to instill our imaginative and creative ASTON culture,and to serve you, our customers,at the highest level of service.

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